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Changes to Facebook that Marketers Should Know

Facebook Changes

Facebook Roundup: Important Changes and Updates

Facebook has made some important changes recently and as marketers we always want to stay on top of the latest and greatest. From the capability to advertise through search, image and text changes and the larger role being given to Groups, all these updates need to be addressed by your advertising team. Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening on the platform.

Search Placements

Ads for all advertisers can now be searchable! Facebook had rolled out this feature for select advertisers late last year, and now the feature is available to all. Meaning, now when app users search for something on Facebook, businesses can select to have their ads to show up based on search terms. Results will be gathered on search terms that are directly related to the business offerings, and no keywords will be utilized to deliver search results. Marketers might want to test this as a supplement, and not a replacement, to their News Feed ads until performance data can be reviewed.

Image and Text Change

In April 2019, Facebook launched a redesign of their app, and starting August 19, the format for News Feed ads will change to match the feel of that redesign. So, what’s changing? The aspect ratio of visual content – both image and video – will move to 4:5, which is shorter than the current layout. Any content that is larger than the new aspect ratio will be masked. Additionally, only three lines of primary text will appear at the top with the option for the user to opt to see more by clicking through the prompt. So, marketers that place a lot of News Feed ads should update their image and video files to the new aspect ratio as well as review copy and make sure that the first few lines of primary text are engaging and spark users to click through for the rest of the message.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is saying this is the biggest change they have made in five years! Groups will now be a highlight and integral part of the app. Here are a few changes to Groups that you might want to note:

  • Users can see a personalized feed consisting of just activity from the Groups to which they belong
  • The app will suggest Groups to users based on relevant information shared with Facebook
  • More features will allow for enhanced privacy within the Group environment

With Groups becoming a more central aspect of Facebook, marketers should take a deep dive into how they can provide value to their customers in the form of a Group. Starting a Group could be beneficial and allow brands to engage in a new way with the online community. The rules of good marketing should still apply here! Make sure your content is useful to your audience, communicate in a professional manner and in your brand voice and avoid spamming the feed with lots of salesy posts. This is a place where engagement and being social reign supreme.

Facebook Wrap Up

Some big changes coming down the pipe from Facebook. We’re looking forward to testing search placements and reviewing the performance data to see how it compares to a regular News Feed buy. If you’re doing a lot of Facebook advertising, don’t forget to update your creative and copy to fit the new aspect ratio and primary text guidelines. Finally, since Facebook is giving a larger role to Groups within the platform, investigate how you can provide value to your customers through that feature.

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