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Paid Social.

Paid Social.

Paid Social is at the forefront of Digital Strategy and is one of our top performing channels, due in large part to its reach and targeting capabilities around demographics, geographics, interest, behaviors and the use of first-party data. Regardless of generation, social is everywhere touching everyone and provides a significant opportunity for brands to engage with their target audience in a meaningful way. However, how brands engage with Paid Social for the outcomes they are trying to achieve comes down to the teams and talent they partner with to deliver their story.

At EXACTA we work in Paid Social at scale, launching thousands of campaigns in the channel over the years, providing us with some unique insights on how to deploy and optimize campaigns while driving performance with minimal waste from the start. Our Facebook-Certified Media Team will help you connect with your target audience to build brand awareness, generate leads, grow sales or drive traffic to your website all while providing you with customized strategies and tactics to meet and exceed your business KPI’s.

Social is just a channel. Our skill set is how we maximize value from it. Let us help you take your Paid Social campaigns to the next level.

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