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Digital Radio + Podcasting.

Digital Radio + Podcasting.

Just like streaming for Television, Digital Radio + Podcasting are paving new ways for Advertisers to connect with their target audiences based on interest and behaviors not available through Traditional Radio.

Streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal along with networks like iHeart offer a wide variety of creative formats and content opportunities to deliver your message. Additionally, long form Podcast can offer brands a unique way to connect with their audience based on content interest and brand alignment in an endless amount of categories.

EXACTA’s Media Team has been buying Digital Radio + Podcast Advertising from the beginning of the channel’s inception and have been able to leverage its reach and capabilities into highly effective performance marketing campaigns.
Whether you’re looking to generate interest in your brand or accelerate your performance marketing campaigns through Digital Radio + Podcasting, our Media team will help you build a Strategy and deploy Media that reaches your audience, while providing you with the proper measurement that will align with your overall goals.

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