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Connected TV Gaining Viewership, Advertiser Interest

Connected TV

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Quoting eMarketer report:
Connected TV poised to gain US viewership and advertiser interest
Original eMarketer article by Jessica Lis, July 5, 2022

The Trend:  
Connected TV (CTV) is expected to pick up US viewership as consumers access ad-supported and subscription streaming services, making the space fertile ground for advertisers.

Our report on time spent with connected devices indicates CTVs are giving smartphones a run for their money, as streaming platforms like Disney+ and media players like Roku and Amazon Fire TV vie for attention.

By The Numbers: 
Daily time with connected devices–mainly CTV but also including game consoles, set top boxes such as Roku, Blu-ray players and wearables–will reach one hour and 47 minutes in 2022 and rise through 2024.

US smartphone time is expected to come to three hours and 19 minutes this year, up 8 minutes from 2021. We predict it will increase an additional 7 minutes in 2023. Smartphones account for the majority of time spent with mobile devices.

Apps Soar, Browsers Fade:  
Mobile devotees are using apps more than browsers. The popularity of games, podcasts, and social media is influencing this trend, but consumers are also using apps for activities such as shopping, dating, travel, and fitness.

Why These Trends Matter:  
The rise of CTV is increasingly drawing advertiser interest; CTV ad spending remains much less than that of traditional TV, but the gap is closing. This year, US advertisers will spend $18.89 billion on CTV, up 33.1% over 2021.



Go further: Read the eMarketer report for more on their forecast and its implications for marketers.



  • How much time will US adults spend consuming media each day in 2022, and how will that figure be divided among devices, platforms, and activities?
  • Which types of media are gaining daily time the quickest and which are losing time?
  • What is the outlook for traditional versus digital media, particularly in terms of TV versus digital video and radio versus digital audio?

Average Time Spent per Day with Media

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? eMarketer’s latest forecast for US adult time spent with media per day in 2022 and beyond. Featured forecasts include time spent with digital media, smartphones, desktops/laptops, social networks, digital video, digital audio, subscription OTT (sub OTT), YouTube, TV, and radio.

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